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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Entrepreneurs have to manage multiple operations as the business grows and sometimes it becomes challenging for them to monitor both operational and financial aspects of the business. In such a hectic scenario, it is easy to lose sight of financial management. Given that, hiring a CFO to take over the task of financial management would be productive but the inability to pay hefty compensation to CXO designated individuals pushes this option away from MSMEs or Startups.

Virtual CFO serves the need of the hour by providing access to the essential functions of a CFO at affordable terms. This option provides access to top-notch financial services with fairly less investment.

StartupMinds, with its vast experience and knowledge base, offers Virtual CFO services to develop the appropriate budgets and forecasts of your business.

Under Virtual CFO, StartupMinds would provide the following services:

  1. Financial Statement Analysis: This would involve studying the financial health and performance of the company, identifying areas of concern and conveying them to senior management.
  2. Developing Budgets: Our team would take into consideration your financial history and upcoming opportunities and threats to develop budgets that are practical and insightful.
  3. MIS Reporting: Developing financial reports according to business segments, geographies, customers and performing KPI analysis which would assist in essential business decisions.
  4. Co-ordination with Tax executive for any Tax related queries: Under this service, we would co-ordinate with the tax filing agent of the company regarding any tax query that may arise due to  differences in financial classification.
  5. Cash Flow Management: StartupMinds performs a periodic review of the cash flow cycle of the company and suggest the proven ways for optimal cash cycle management.
  6. Mergers and acquisitions: Startupminds identifies potential target firms and facilitates End to End deal closures with regard to M&A so that the client can focus on essential functions of the business.
  7. Raising Capital: StartupMinds with its wide network of venture capitalists, angel investors and other institutional investors provides you with the right set of investors along with a comprehensive capital financing strategy that takes into consideration the growth aspirations of the company and right mix of debt and equity financing.
  8. Other Services: StartupMinds provides other services such as Suggesting Client Invoicing Tools, Performance Management Project-Wise and Department-Wise, Risk and Opportunity Assessment, Accounting Policy Compliance et al.


Our scope of services is not only limited to the above-stated module. Any case specific solution that your business may require can also be easily served with our pool of partners.