Fund Raising

Pre-Seed/ Seed Funding

Pre-Seed/ Seed Funding

Pre-Seed/ Seed Funding

StartupMinds has a robust network of following potential investors for Pre Seed or Seed funding rounds:

  • Friends and Family

  • Family Office

  • Angel Investors(HNIs and UHNIs)

  • Early Stage Venture Funds 


StartupMinds assists startups at this stage in three ways:

  1. Raising funds through its network of angel investors, family offices and early-stage venture capitalists

  2. Supporting startups in  their growth journey through co-creation model

  3. Assisting startups to scale through strategic collaborations and partnerships 


Pre-Seed Funding

This is a phase in which business is budding and funding is usually managed through the founder’s own resources and networks like family and friends. This is also commonly known as bootstrapping. Startups grow in an extremely resourceful and conservative manner in this phase. 

Seed Funding 

In this phase, startups raise capital to provide for working capital, new product launch, marketing, hiring, research & development et al. The investment is put in as a seed and is expected to grow into a healthy tree with appropriate care in the form of business strategy, team dedication, marketing et al.