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Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

A business pitch deck enables entrepreneurs to take the investors into confidence and buy-in to the venture by providing a crystal clear picture of business operations, current product and market standing and the vision for upcoming years. An ideal business pitch deck is complimentary to business projections as it explains how the outlined goals will be approached through marketing, team building, geographical expansion, product innovation et al.


Why Choose StartupMinds?

Nobody knows your business better than you do. We, at StartupMinds, understand that it is the entrepreneur who has to convince the investors about the viability of his business. That’s why we not only take a deep dive into your business but also involve you into the pitch making so that you control the way your pitch flows. 

StartupMinds aims at taking away your worries about at least this aspect and assists you in focusing on your core competency i.e. Your Business. We ensure that your is represented pitch in the right essence and substance.

We interlink the company strategy and outlook with the financial projection of the company and incorporate the planned vision in the pitch deck.

StartupMinds provide the following services in this domain: 



The Investor presentation built by StartupMinds highlights the company’s ability to implement its vision by presenting its efficiency in operations, cost advantage, technological superiority, market positioning, and geographical reach. Further, we cover the following aspects in the Investor Memorandum:

1.  Transaction Overview 

2.  Business Overview 

3.  Product Overview

4.  Market Size 

5.  Competitive Analysis

6.  Financial Summary 

7.  Team

8.  Investment Risks

9.  Investment Rationale 

10. Fund Utilization