Sumeet Seraf

Early Stage VC | Private Equity | Business Strategy | Rural Market Solution | Upcoming Business Model

Sumeet Seraf

I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs solving root level problems on a large scale. Primarily who are solving futuristic problems including Z generation challenges, Would like to connect with them to build a valuable business. 

After working closely with various business ventures from the last 10 years, understanding the needs of consumers (Y and Z generation), businesses and finding solutions for disruptive growth has been always an area of interest. 

In the short span of time, I have consulted 150+ startups and founders, Have worked with multiple CXO of bluechip companies, and developed my specialization in strategic solutions for solving the nuances of unorganized, organized,  B2B and B2C markets. 

I am also a public speaker talking about topics around entrepreneurship, investment banking, private equity, venture debt, and upcoming business challenges. 

I strongly believe entrepreneurs are born to solve the challenges with freedom and they have their own unique ways to solve the problems. 

Already new gold has solved a few of the problems and made their venture in the list of a unicorn. 

The fact is that we are the people who will solve existing and future challenges.