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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Historically, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) has been one of the critical strategies adopted by the established companies to achieve rapid growth, capture new markets or curb competition.  

The recent trends in the startup space indicate a surge in the M&A activity for start-ups who have achieved significant growth after Series-B round, highlighting that the M&A activity is no more restricted to just mid-size startups or a start-up being acquired by a large multi-national corporation.

At Startupminds, we understand the need for start-ups in the early stage to scale faster by opening new markets or team expansion through acqui-hires. We work with companies at an early and later stage to understand the possible synergies that a joint venture or a strategic sale might bring on the table for both acquirers and target.

We spend significant time to arrive at appropriate targets or acquirers for our clients that help them achieve the required vision in a given time frame. The team aims to look at the growth of the company from a global perspective and our advice to clients on a potential Merger or Acquisition is based on such a thesis.

The benefit of our expertise in M&A advisory is passed on to clients which further ease out the complexities in the transaction for both acquirer and target. In addition, our expert advisors help in cross border transactions covering restructurings and management buyouts.

At Startupminds, we have good global perspectives across a number of industries. Moreover, we work on strengthening senior level relationships with a number of strategic buyers as well as sellers all around the world. These benefits are passed on to our clients to help them manage their venture without any hassles. Our strength lies in the fact that we know the right people who are placed in the right places. Moreover, we count as our biggest asset the depth and breadth of our client base.

Within the spectrum of investment banking, StartupMinds works with a very vast range of issuer clients that include governments and institutions, huge corporations, and offer extensive strategic advice, risk management and capital raising expertise.

Our industry coverage teams are well versed with regional market acumen and possess in-depth expertise pertaining to the specific industry that helps in serving our worldwide clients with their evolving needs. We thrive to build long term relationships and trust by adopting a forward-looking and holistic approach to identify areas where our clients seek help and require our support to carry out their venture successfully.

Expert investment bankers of StartupMinds advises institutions as well as corporations, small, medium and large on their most complicated strategic needs, in the country of its origin as well as worldwide.

Benefits for Acquirer:

  • Team- It is difficult to hire great people as a team. There might be a  great team in the startup that is for sale that could be plugged into your business
  • Technology- Some useful and innovative technology might have been developed by the tech startup. This is possible even when the market/product fit not found by it. For SEO link juice and leads, one of the best sources could be the website of an acquired startup (particularly if seller and acquirer are competitors)
  • Market expansion- When a startup having some traction is acquired, it means that their users or customers are acquired. The customer acquisition process is tricky as well as expensive. Therefore a cost-effective channel could be going down the route of business acquisition if done in a proper manner
  • Brand building- Acquisition of startup is still the story of news (even when the acquisition is large scale)

Seller benefits:

If your startup is shutting down by your alternative and something else is moved upon by them, any sale can serve to be attractive. The following could be salvaged by the founder of a startup by whom a plateauing startup is sold.

  • Job- A job might be offered followed by acquisition. Behind the attainment of startups, this serves to be the major reason. Your CV looks much more impressive with points of successful sale instead of failure. This is not of much importance since there are rare chances of moving to the next startup. However, till then, tying you up might call for the need of a job.
  • The satisfaction of customer- There are chances that you have assured the fact that there will be proper look after customers when a sale is done to a competitor. The service or product offered by you might continue to be there in the list of customer’s requirements. Helping them in the process such that access to the product that you had or similar to it is maintained by them indicates a good form.
  • Investor relations- You might also be able to pay some of the capital of your investor when the value of some kind is received and external capital has been raised at the time of selling the startup.