What is Enterprise Technology?

Enterprise technology is the information technology (IT) resources and data that are shared across an enterprise. It includes technical efforts such as IT or infrastructure operations for administering and monitoring the performance of the IT service being provided to the enterprise. Enterprises like IT strategy and portfolio management and IT governance facilitate this concept to operate effectively.

Enterprise technology and software take care of the needs of an organization as an individual end-user. Whether it is cloud software, a document management system, CRM, enterprise technology solutions concentrate on solving business problems.

Market Overview

According to Forbes, 53% of companies are leveraging big data analytics to solve the problems of their business thereby having an effective business process management. These companies work in varied domains and have various needs for business analytics, which requires customized software. This is a major factor that is opening the enterprise software market which has a global market size of over $360 billion in 2018 according to Industry ARC analyst. The Global CAGR is 8% and the market is expected to grow by USD 634 billion by 2023. Whereas the Software market in India is anticipated to achieve a CAGR of 14.4