Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Fund Raising

You may be a great founder with an intriguing thought process and remarkable problem-solving capabilities and yet you may find fund-raising a demanding and stressful task. This may be because your core competency lies in product development and business management and not fundraising which is subject to changing industry trends. 

Fundraising is a lengthy and tiresome procedure. This vital process may be stretched for months or even years if not approached correctly and the chance of inadvertently falling for errors due to lack of financial literacy is high. Meanwhile, scarcity of funds may pose working capital or even liquidity challenges which may endanger the survival of the business itself. Lack of funding also leads to a traumatic experience for founders and teams on personal levels.

StartupMinds through years of experience in fund-raising understand what kind of startups investors are looking for their investment portfolio and thus effectively guide its clients throughout the deal process. We, at StartupMinds, not only help you in seeking capital boost but also assist and advise you on funding requirements and fund utilization.

We first aim at understanding the projected fund deployment which may comprise of working capital needs, new product lines, geographical expansion, research & development, and innovation; team building and then we understand the funding requirement of each client thoroughly in terms of:

  • Urgency of funds

  • Equity Vs Debt Funding

  • Type of investor (i.e venture capitalist, private equity, angel investor et al.)

  • Investor’s suitability (Dormant investor Vs Value-additive investor)

  • Revenue stage of the company 

  • Funding Round (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, B, C…, IPO)

  • The term’s suitable for the client’s business 

  • Best time for fundraising

This helps us in building authentic relationships with both, startups and investors. 

Lastly, we utilize the insights gained and our professional team of Investment Bankers to channelize our network of strategic investors, family offices, venture capitalists and private equity firms among others to raise funds timely.