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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

There are various stages in the lifecycle of the business from launch to maturity, CFO is needed by all. CFO helps you plan your cash flows and rightly emphasize the growth and sustainability aspects of the business. With their strategic financial skills and specialized knowledge, they can help your business walk through booms or recession without having to face major difficulty.

What We Do

What We Do

With ever-changing techniques and advancement of technologies, businesses are facing a greater risk of uncertainties. There is a need to be financially prepared to face upcoming challenges and difficulties. CFOs help you prepare reserve for the uncertain future by providing the dynamic forecast model and budgetary reviews. This will help us progress in the shared vision of exponential growth for your business.

StratupMinds possess a team of professionals and experts that can provide wide-ranging solutions to your business problem. Few of the services are listed below

Cashflow and working capital Management: StartupMinds carries out a periodic in-depth analysis of financial statement to find outliers and exceptional cashflows and propose optimal ways for circulating capital management

Forecasting and Sensitivity Analysis: With the team of leading financial analysts StartupMinds studies the financial health of the company and identifies the key performance indicator to develop a realistic forecasted model of 3 to 5 years.

Budgeting & Budgetary Reviews: We invest time to understand the financial history of the organization and address new realities to suggest a rational budget. We periodically review the budget variances and suggest improvement measures for the same.

Cost management and Profit Maximisation: StartupMinds explore the cost-saving opportunities by removing the unnecessary and unreasonable costs of the organization leading to enhanced bottom-line results

Weekly MIS and Board Reporting:  We develop financial dashboards and spreadsheets according to KPIs, areas of operation and business segments that provide analytical insights and help in strategic decision making.

Turn Around Management: In times of financial difficulty the role of CFO is mostly highlighted. StartupMinds helps in evaluating the internal and external sources of financing, managing financial statements and provide insights to restore financial discipline

PE/VC/IPO MANAGEMENT: StartupMinds helps the businesses to grow and fuel business development by raising capital. With a proper understanding of the financial structure of the business and risk-taking ability we help the businesses to raise funds.


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