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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

A financial model is a vital tool that bridges the gap between the initial round of interaction with investors and receipt of the draft term sheet. It is a quantitative statement of earning potential and projected cash flows of your business prepared after taking into consideration the industry and the economy at large. A financial model is pre-requisite for valuation and becomes a necessity when you are sitting on a round table to discuss how much funding you should get at what percentage of stake elongated over how many milestones. 

If you wish to participate at investor’s table even-handed, you need to know precisely what your revenue is, what new revenue streams are you opening up, how much margins you expect from them, and ultimately what your valuation is as this is the most significant parameter which dictates your term sheet.


StartupMinds realistically identify relevant assumptions to be taken, based on true insights of the business & industry and builds justifiable financial projections which is coherent in its flow and is custom made to suit the requirements of its clients. 

Following are the credentials of StartupMinds:

  • We are a team of highly professional and seasoned experts  in this filed 

  • We build Formula driven dynamic Financial Model that accommodate with any potential changes in the business

  • We are sector agnostic with a special focus in Food & Beverages, Agri-Tech, Fin-Tech, Clean-Tech and Mobility among others.

  • We provide our Financial Modeling services for other purposes as well such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Synergy Analysis, planning and controlling of operations, applying for grants et al 

  • We identify Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) for competitive analysis

  • We also perform sensitivity and scenario analysis