Fund Raising

Early Stage/ Institutional

Early Stage/ Institutional

Early Stage/ Institutional

StartupMinds provides support in the form of funding and negotiation in the following funding rounds through its vast network of angel investors, VCs, PEs, and financial institutions:

  • Pre-Series A and Series A Funding 

  • Series B Funding 

  • Series C Funding 

StartupMinds assist founders with both, finding investors as well as negotiating with them. We help you to close agreements with investors cordially which otherwise may become bone of contention due to clauses such as anti-dilution, option pool restrictions et al. 


Pre-series A and Series A

Startups generally seek pre-series A or Series A funding when the company has proven the value proposition and market feasibility of the products. From this round, institutional investors also start investing in startups. At this point, a startup must either develop a strong network of investors or have a mentor which is already in connection with leading investors in that sector. 

Potential investors for this round include:

  • Family Offices

  • Angel Investors

  • Early Stage Venture Capitalists


Series B

Series B is generally considered a continuation of Series A in terms of processes and key participants since the same investors may infuse more money into the company. The only difference is that funds are sought in this round for expansion in the sphere of geographical presence, product diversification, and exploration of new customer segments. Typically a key lead investor comes forward and lends you a hand in attracting other investors. 

Potential Investors for Series B are

  • Late-stage VCs

  • Private Equity Firms


Series C

Companies that engage in Series C funding are normally well established with a strong customer base with proven capability of growth. Capital boost is usually sought at this stage for global expansion, opening up new product lines, new market reach or even for acquiring startups to gain enhanced capabilities.

Potential Investors for Series C are 

  • Late-stage VCs

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Hedge Funds

  • Banks