Fund Raising

Early Stage/ Institutional

Early Stage/ Institutional

Early Stage/ Institutional

Series A funding:

Series A financing tends to occur when the company has strong revenue streams with minimum net profits. It is the stage where the startup has maximum risk. We introduce you to the risk-taking investors and provide complete access to our range of advisory services.

Series B Funding:

Series B is when the companies are in the development stage and require funds for the next level of demand such as business development, sales, advertising, tech, support, and employee costs to create a winning product or service. We help you leverage our deep contacts of anchor investors and venture capital firms that focus on later-stage investing.

Series C Funding:

Series C funding requirement arises with successful companies. The companies require an additional round of funding to develop new products, expand into new markets, or to acquire other companies. The investors infuse capital into successful businesses to make double profits. We offer the right mix of strategy and pool of funds to cater to your business expansion needs.