The detailed project report sets the premise for a project's approval after taking a feasibility report in due consideration and plays a vital role in making the pre-investment decisions. It guides the way through project execution and project control. The project report consists of technical, financial, marketing, management, and social details. We clearly state the objective in the report in the form of:

  • Technical aspects- The detailed project report aims at minimizing technical risk and ensures the implementation of proven technology.
  • Economic aspects- The Internal rate of return is a significant factor to determine the viability of the project.
  • Financial aspects- It is necessary to evaluate the return on investment of a project before implementation and on its completion to ascertain future income. The principal and interest of borrowed funds are at risk with insufficient income generation.
  • Social aspects- Government approvals, environment-friendly, potential employment, ecological balance, are all important facets of a detailed project report.

The organizational background, promoters, market report, project schedule, financial projections, among others is part of a detailed project report.