Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Planning

As an ambitious startup founder you must have wondered at one point in time or other “What Investors Really Think About Your Business Plan”, “Do You Know Which Direction Your Business Is Heading”, “How Will You Get The Funding To Grow Your Business”. 

A business plan is a must for every entrepreneur for two reasons:

1. To attract investors: Securing funding almost always requires a detailed plan. If you approach venture capitalists, commercial banks, government-backed lenders or most angel investors, you will find it hard to proceed beyond first interaction without a plan

2. To navigate your venture to the right course: You may think that since you are bootstrapped or already have enough cash in your pocket, your business may not need a documented plan. However, to be a responsible entrepreneur, you have to see things as they are. Managing various parts of the business is a tough task. A business plan gives you a bird’s eye view and helps you to monitor every aspect of your business, thus ensuring nothing goes astray.


What is a business plan?

In simple terms, business planning is the manifestation of what it took, takes and will take to evolve into a bigger and better company over the years. It is an end to end process which presents the operational, marketing, human, financial, and strategic requirements of a business. The process is concerned with business forecasting, budgeting, feasibility study, go-to-market strategy, human resource planning et al. It is a practical roadmap of how you plan to grow into a say, INR 1000 Cr venture from an INR 10 Cr venture


Can you make your plan on your own?

You would rather get your business plan professionally made instead of wondering later on if you have drawn your business plan articulately for the investor. 

Making a business plan is an art. This requires having an insight into investors’ minds and foresight to look beyond the obvious to present it the way your audience (in this case, investor) wants to see it and justify it if cross-examined. To make your own business plan, you need to be thorough with not only your own business but also with the ins and outs of the industry as a whole. This involves a lot of research and technical skills but most importantly, business acumen. 

As an entrepreneur seeking to raise funds, you may be tempted to over-evaluate your business or be conservative and under-value your business. In either case, you may end up going down the rabbit hole. If you over-evaluate it, you may find it hard to justify it to the investor and risk losing your reputation. If you underestimate it you may part away with more stake than you would have otherwise. 


How can StartupMinds help you?

StartupMinds formulate business plans in such a fashion that it serves as a compass for the client by providing them direction for corporate decision making. 

When you are looking for a capital boost, all that matters is investors and his mindset. When you are considering a strategic collaboration, you would want to understand the business attitude of your potential partner as well as your own market positioning. This is exactly where StartupMinds helps various entrepreneurs. Through its vast network of venture capitalists, angel investors and business partners StartupMinds knows how to dive into market participant’s thought processes and put the insights into the best use for founders. 

Since founders of StartupMinds have been serial entrepreneurs, they understand the pain points every promoter goes through his journey. This being said, StartupMinds precisely understands the requirement of each startup and thus deliver the client-specific business plan.

StartupMinds holds core competency in the following:

1. Visuals: One never forgets the first impression. We are aware that presentation matters as much as content. Therefore, we design your business plan by implanting suitable and striking infographics to increase the visual impact of your business plan and leave an indelible mark on investors’ psyche.

2. Reports: Investor trusts you the most when what you have said can be corroborated by industry data and facts. We have access to premium industry reports which renders reliability and confidence to your words

3. Industry knowledge: Startups’ team include investment bankers who have prior experience in blue-chip companies like Dabur, Moody’s and KPMG et al. The team is well versed in building Investor Memorandums (IMs), Detailed Project Reports (DPRs), financial models and valuation by using fair assumptions and thus execute a realistic business plan that can be manifested into a defined roadmap

4. Experience: The Company has consulted over 150+ startups, SMEs and blue-chip companies till date and thus possess proficiency in understanding complex business models and fulfill its commitments

5. E2E services: StartupMinds prefers to work on End to End basis with founders, helping and supporting them even after deliverables have been handed over. The company works on the co-creation model as well where we handheld the startups and make them grow through the insights and market experience we possess.

There are further facets which we bring in diligently with each step:

1. Understand your business precisely

2. Performing extensive Market Research in the relevant industry to catch trends and facts

3. Take reasonable assumptions and estimates regarding concerned business and industry

4. Combine step 1&2 to build teaser, IM, DPR, sales pitch et al

5. Project turnover and develop Financial Model of the concerned business

6. Estimate a justifiable value of your business

7. Finally, make step 4,5 & 6 in tandem

8. Make the deliverables investor and pitch ready

One of the factors that differentiates StartupMinds from the rest is our Post engagement services. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and therefore we keep on lending our full support even after the engagement has completed. Whether it is fund-raising, business consultancy, collaborations or co-creation, we advise the companies under our guidance for the best value addition and exponential growth of the organization